Two things that I could not be more excited about, XLIX and MKX.

This is probably the best thing that happened all week.  In the lead up to the Super Bowl, Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski spent some time off the field smacking each other around in Mortal Kombat X.  Or, maybe Marshawn was trying to get in with Conan’s pharmacist (“Whatchu on?”).  Either way, Dr. Gronk delivers sound medical advice and proves that he can be trusted with infomercials and Lynch teaches us that one need not score in order to grab ones nuts.  Watching the horror wrought across their faces by fatalities and Cassie Cage’s FUPAcuts juxtaposed with pure gold like, “That’s how Toad do,”  “Lick the gun” and Conan’s pure joy at winning a round was worth every second of this video.  TeamCoCo, for your viewing enjoyment:


Mortal Kombat X releases worldwide on April 14th, 2015.

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