Pandora’s Kitchen: Tater Cheesy

1 bag tater tots  TaterTots
1 (or 2 or 3) packets mac n’ cheese cheese powder
1 tbsp butter softened
milk added for consistency

First, cook the tater tots to directions. Mine said ‘desired amount at 450` for 8 minutes, flip, and then bake for 8 more minutes’ or to preferred crunchiness. I like mine slightly crunchy on the outside and squishy on the inside. This is about half of a large bag of tots.


While cooking, mix cheese powder with a bit o’milk and softened butter until you have a saucy consistency. For this batch I used 3 packets of cheese powder and an undisclosed amount of milk (because I didn’t measure). Once tater tots have finished baking, let cool and pour cheese sauce on top, tossing with a spatula until evenly covered in cheesy goodness. Finally, enjoy!


I decided to cook up some bacon and crush it over the Tots. I highly recommend sharing a bite with a friend and watch as they are destroyed by the thought of not being able to eat every single tot that resides on your dish. I decided to make enough to share… this time.

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