Pandora’s Station: Rogue Legacy Review

Pandora’s Station is where I, Pandora_Layn, will be reviewing Vita games that are available for free download for PlayStation Plus members. Instead of an arbitrary points system, I will validate the games I review by their value to the space on my memory card with a “Keep!” or “Delete!” the download. Check out my gamer profile for a better idea of the types of games I like to play.

My original intention was to wait a week before putting out a review for this game after it became available as a free download for PlayStation Plus members. Then, I literally could not put the game down so I’ve had way more hours of gameplay than I intended.
So, this is a…


To start out, an assassination attempt has been made on your father, the King. His life hangs in the balance and you have to save him, obviously, you…love, him! First, you must enter “the cursed” Castle Hamson and move on through more difficult levels in order to find a treasure that will cure him of his injuries and bring you into the King’s favor. Each time you head to the Castle, Chavron asks for all of your coin before you may enter. This is meant to balance the game’s upgrading system at your Manor (where your “skills tree” is established) so when you’ve finished purchasing upgrades you cannot take what’s left with you in your next ‘life’. After entering the Castle, you cannot go back so do as much upgrading as you can before heading in.

Back at the Manor, you can unlock people who will help you on your quest: a Blacksmith, who will make the weapons you find blueprints in the castle for; an Enchantress, who will enchant magical items you find in the castle; and an Architect, who will give you the ability to “lock down” the castle so that it will be the same as the last life you played through. That includes chests that were opened, however enemies do re-spawn. The only cost to the lock down is that you will only receive 60% of the gold you otherwise would’ve found. Remember, left unlocked the castle all progress is lost, and yes it can be infuriating. That being said, the bosses you defeat and any upgrades you make in the Manor are permanent; journal entries, weapon upgrades and magic stuffs included. Once you purchase them they are yours, eternally.

So, you’re gonna die. You’re gonna die a lot. You will die so many times you will think “How the hell am I suppose to play this game!?” But then a miracle occurs and in one life you have gained so many coins that you can upgrade your little guy (or gal) and fight a little longer the next time.

So what’s the idea? Your champion forever changes; once a fighter dies, the next fighter becomes their heir, ad infinitum. Each heir chosen to continue the fight has unique disadvantages like ADHD, OCD or near sightedness. My favorites are color blindness and flatulence. I usually looked for a class Shinobi fighter with Giantism, believing that they could power their way through the levels, but the genius of this game is that every character’s flaw damns them or benefits them. For example, you could be a Miner with Dwarfism who collects more gold than normal but weaker in combat because, after all, he is a Miner and not a fighter. But if you see a room where a chest is hidden in the wall the Dwarf Miner is just the person to go get the goods, as there’s a camouflaged corridor that only he can fit through.

Game-play genius coupled with classic graphics and exciting soundtrack complete the valiant renaissance knight experience. It’s an easy win for any gamer. I wouldn’t just encourage you to get a free download of Rogue Legacy, I would encourage you to purchase it and support the further development of this game and others like it.

If you have an addictive personality…think twice?


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