Pandora’s Station: Kick and Fennick Review

I downloaded Kick and Fennick solely because it was free for PlayStation Plus members to download (February deal). The trailer makes this game look amazing but here’s the plot summary: A boy wakes up in a brightly colored electronic dystopia with well maintained facilities, despite an overflow of plant life, and it takes 45 seemingly similar levels to get his robot friend a battery. That’s it! That’s the game!

Now, all that being said, I could only bare to play through the sixth level. This game wants to be the toddler friendly version of Ratchet & Clank soooo bad. I almost hated playing it and I usually enjoy games marketed to kids. This game is meant for a select group of players:  Those who are easily entertained by big graphic levels and characters with almost zero mobility (spoiler: you can’t jump and instead use a super powered laser gun to propel the character, Kick, throughout the game); that have the hand/eye coordination and finger mobility of a very experienced experienced gamer;  and that have an unrealistic amount of patience.  That’s what it all boils down to, right there: Unrealistic.  I have a hard time finding a reason to play.  The music is overly dramatic.  The look of the game level to level remains almost the same, changing from candy-coated collapsed skyscrapers during the day, to the same buildings at night, and dusk, and an inverted color scheme.

I can’t delete this game fast enough to retrieve the precious space on my Vita. I’m sure there’s going to be 1 in every 10,000 children, even adults, who rock this game. In fact, I looked up some reviews and a lot of them were positive, thoroughly enjoying the entire play through. That’s fine, if you think Jr. is going to love it then go for it, but it is a DELETE for me. And again, if you are looking to understand my perspective for this review, check out my Gamer Profile.

Photo From: UK PlayStation

Photo From: UK PlayStation

If you were thinking about wasting time on this game I’ll just go ahead and say “Buy Jak & Daxter instead”. I feel like it has all of the action (including jumping, firing a BOOM gun and actual voices) that a soft-core game like Kick and Fennick is missing. It’s a time tested franchise that has been entertaining kids and adults alike for over a decade and you won’t feel like you’ve thrown your money away.


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