Pandora’s Station: Destiny of Spirits Review

Yay! Another game for free download on the PlayStation Vita! Destiny of Spirits was developed exclusively for the Vita by SCE Japan Studio and Q Entertainment. You have to allow the game to use Location Data or else you cannot play. It’s kind of like social networking sites where you can send friend requests and receive “mail”. The game’s trailer above is actually a great representation of the game you will be playing. The battle scenes are always set up the same and there are always three Chaos Spirits against three of your chosen Spirits.

Destiny of Spirits employs aspects of the zodiac and creatures from a range of mythologies. On different days of the year playing with a particular Spirit, or using a fellow gamer as support, could be good luck or bad luck depending on the zodiac. Also, the elements attributed to the spirits can affect their strength against particular opponents based on the Elemental Wheel, which is always shown in the bottom corner of the screen during battles. The spirits are all beautifully rendered. I spent some good time just admiring the detail of the tiny people on my Vita screen. Another aspect of the game I really liked is that maintenance is performed on the games online mode servers every Wednesday. It keeps everything fresh, fixes bugs and lets you know that the developers still care about the product they put out.

I guess you could consider Destiny of Spirits a turn based game, however you literally don’t have to play. Once a battle begins, as the tutorial itself states, you don’t have to do anything. The Spirits will play everything out on their own if you let them. There is a gauge at the bottom of the screen that you can use to activate the special powers of your Spirits, and you can change who the spirits attack but that’s mostly it as far as in battle.

The game touts “Raid Boss Events”, that seem to change month to month, like the Snowball Fight going on right now (February, 2015). I attempted the Raid Battle but was not able to level up my spirits enough and to that point, I really like that there is a great variance of difficulty to start out with. The game doesn’t handle you with kid gloves from the beginning (other than the ridiculously lengthy tutorial) and if you go into a battle you’re spirits are not strong enough for you will be defeated.

If you like trading card games like Magic: The Gathering or Kunami’s Yu-Gi-Oh!, I bet you’d enjoy this. I love the art style, the music and the idea but it is not my type of game so I am Deleting it.

Photo From: JP.PlayStation


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