The Walking Dead: Forget


The episode opens with Sasha suffering from insomnia.  The pictures in the house that she now occupies haunt her as she lies awake staring at them, the abyss beginning to stare back.  She resolves to take the pictures out to the woods and take some target practice.  In the morning she goes to the weapons locker to check out her weapon.  The thick woman charged with guarding her gun is mostly concerned with Sasha bagging a boar outside the walls so she can make prosciutto.  Here, they ration chocolate, have parties and eat cookies; these people have entirely different concerns than the group.  The episode “Forget” echoes last weeks episode “Remember,” but Rick and most of the group seem unable to forget their old way of living.

Daryl, Carol and Rick take down a walker with a large “W” carved into its forehead and Rick seems ok to leave the community behind the walls largely ignorant of what is happening outside.  Deanna seems to believe that there will be an entire society in Alexandria with commerce and government.  He does level the warning to Deanna that people are the real threat to the community now, but he stops short of telling her that there is some psychopath out there capturing zombies and setting them loose again with logos emblazoned on their rotting skulls.  Someone already has this commerce thing on lock; they have a head start in marketing; and they deal in death.  Exhibiting the typical megalomania of politicians, Deanna seems to believe she is the president of the new world and her vision of Alexandria is definitely “pie in the sky.”  Luckily, the group has not yet forgotten the survival tactics that kept them alive and they plan to steal weapons from the bin in which they are heaped, largely unaccounted for.

Daryl runs into Aaron outside the walls and accuses him of following, which he absolutely was.  Aaron seems to be impressed by Daryl’s survival skills, particularly his ability to tell the difference between deliberate human steps and the walker shuffle. They come across and attempt to capture a wild horse called “Buttons” that Aaron had been trying to bring in for months when it gets spooked; running into a closed in area, it eventually gets taken down and consumed by a pack of walkers.  This was an apt metaphor for the situation that the group currently finds themselves in.  The community of Alexandria is only trying to help them, but their own skepticism might drive them into danger or death.  Could we see Rick’s plan to take over ultimately come to fruition but only after they invite the danger upon themselves?  I think it is safe to say that this community is very much unlike the previous attempts at societal reorganization that have featured on the show.  This is no Terminus.  This is no Woodbury.  The inhabitants of Alexandria are good people, if a bit naive.

At the welcoming party the creepy town Dr. starts to hit on Rick, telling him to come down and he will take a look at him…before mentioning he is a doctor.  Seemingly flustered, he offers to get a refill for Rick leaving him alone with his wife.  If I were Rick I wouldn’t be drinking that refill he brought back.  Sasha shows more signs of PTSD when she is at the party and the social situation quickly begins to take over her senses.  The cacophony of people begins to bring back horrifying memories for her and she flashes back to the many deaths that have affected her before she was asked what her favorite meal is.  Lady, Sasha has been eating squirrels and raccoons for years.  Daryl bails on the party to eat dinner with Eric and Aaron, when Aaron shows Daryl the garage with a bike and parts offering the bike to Daryl because he wants him to be a recruiter for the community.

During the party Carol makes a move for the weapons, entering through a window that she had unlocked earlier in the day.  While she is in the process of gathering the guns, she realizes that someone has followed her.  This place is filled with sneaky voyeurs!  When she realizes it was a child, she quickly makes the move to silence the child with threats of violence.  The child’s eyes widen as she describes him waking up in a place far from his bed, tied to a tree, helplessly wailing while the walkers devour his intestines.  Nice, Carol.

At the end of the episode Michonne is seen hanging up her katana.  Daryl, Carol and Rick meet up to distribute the illicit weapons and Daryl suggests that it’s possible the group doesn’t need the weapons.  Rick decides otherwise and conceals the weapon in his jeans.  The episode closes with Rick waving hello to his neighbors in the street, hurrying to the wall that separates them from the walkers pressing his ear to it and listening to a walker just on the other side of the wall.  Don’t forget Rick, people are the real danger now.




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