The Walking Dead: Forget


The episode opens with Sasha suffering from insomnia.  The pictures in the house that she now occupies haunt her as she lies awake staring at them, the abyss beginning to stare back.  She resolves to take the pictures out to the woods and take some target practice.  In the morning she goes to the weapons locker to check out her weapon.  The thick woman charged with guarding her gun is mostly concerned with Sasha bagging a boar outside the walls so she can make prosciutto.  Here, they ration chocolate, have parties and eat cookies; these people have entirely different concerns than the group.  The episode “Forget” echoes last weeks episode “Remember,” but Rick and most of the group seem unable to forget their old way of living. Continue reading

The Americans: Season 3 Episode 5 Recap (Spoilers)

Photo from: Atlanta Black Star

Photo from: Atlanta Black Star

Salang Pass, the name of this season’s fifth episode, is where a large group of Soviet troops were killed in a tunnel fire during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. It is not known exactly how many perished. Directed by Kevin Dowling and written by Stephen Schiff, this episode felt more focused on specific scenes than the last episode, even when it was jumping around to progress story lines.

Spoilers below!

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American Horror Story: Hotel

There it is. The next season of American Horror Story will be themed “Hotel” with Lady Gaga in a lead role. The FX show was approved for thirteen episodes and will premiere in October 2015. Nothing yet on IMDB or FX websites.

Wayward Pines

Upon watching this trailer for the first time I am immediately reminded of many things dear to my heart: The Twilight Zone, Silent Hill, Twin Peaks.  A “special” agent takes on a mission to search for an agent that has gone missing, wrecks his car in the process of searching for her and wakes up in the mysterious town of Wayward Pines.  Not only are the inhabitants of the town odd in the kind of way that the population of the Truman Show is odd, he locates the missing agent in Wayward Pines.  Only, it doesn’t look like leaving will be simple.  Mentions of dissimilar experiences of time and explicit directions to avoid conversations regarding the previous lives of the inhabitants of Wayward Pines hint at some strange alternate universe or rift in time that the town exists in.  A massive list of Hollywood names is associated with the production.  It airs on May 14th at 9PM on Fox.  I will certainly be tuning in.

The Walking Dead: Them

The show opens with the group still on the road, 60 miles away from their destination of Washington, D.C. and they are in dire straits.  Maggie is sobbing alone in the woods attempting to deal with her recent loss. Without food or water, we find that Daryl is digging up and eating earthworms and Sasha is combing a dry riverbed for the potential ground water but instead finds a bunch of frogs belly-up, a potent and foreboding biblical symbol.  The intro ends with Maggie considering how long they have left to live, rather than how far they have left to go.  This is survival.

Photo from: Huffington Post

The group runs out of gas and is forced to walk the remaining distance to Washington.  On their walk Gabriel attempts to console Maggie but his attempt Maggie falls flat.  In general, I am still uncertain which way Gabriel will go.  He is obviously attempting to connect to the group and participate.  I feel, however, that this is largely because he knows that his survival is bound up with the survival of the group.  It’s hard to tell if he really cares or is just playing the part because it means further survival.  There is the potential for a safe-zone ahead; we will see. Continue reading

The Walking Dead: What Happened and What’s Going On.

Photo from: IGN

An apt title for an episode that grounded us in past tragedies, confronted the viewer with the meaning of many deaths on the show and also firmly planted the idea that tragedy is everywhere, ongoing, oppressive and that willpower, perseverance and a strong moral compass are the essential survival tools in this world.  When the show opens, viewers are immediately confronted with the loss of Beth as a montage of the group laying dirt on a coffin is spliced with images of a perilous journey.  Noah explains that the plan for him and Beth was to travel to Noah’s old group, hoping for the best.  Without many options the group decides it’s worth the risk.  The opening sequence ends with Mika and Lizzie, covered in blood, saying “It’s better now” and then blood oozes from an unknown source onto an idyllic portrait of a cabin in the woods.  Although the show likes to deviate from the comics when it wants to, there were some serious hints at future episodes filled with death.  Yes, death is coming.  Spoilers after the jump. Continue reading