My dwindling interest in The Order is assuaged by the existence of another game that lurched onto my radar, Bloodborne.  This is the spiritual successor to Nightmare Creatures; here, we have close, violent and complex melees with horrifying monsters.  While set in the fictional city of Yharnam, it clearly reflects a dark Victorian look: shadowy, cobblestone streets; oil lamps and torches pooling amber light; tall cathedral spires silhouetted by the full moon.  My preorder is coming off of The Order: 1886 and landing squarely on this game.  The first title from Japanese developer From Software and director Hidetaka Miyazaki (PS3 cult hits Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls) to be released on the PS4 and while this title does appear to share some fundamental philosophies, there are clear deviations from the attritional nature of their previous titles. Continue reading

Battlefield Hardline Beta Impressions

The first beta that released for Hardline was such a deviation from what I knew to be Battlefield that it was not fun to play.  Gone was the squad-based, strategic shooter that I loved and what replaced it was some frenetic, fast paced and action-moment oriented game in what seemed like an attempt to cater to players of other shooters like Call of Duty.  It didn’t work.  At times it felt as if the guns were shooting airsoft pellets and other times like miniature comets; everything about the gameplay was there to service the car jumps, chases, wrecks and explosions.  I didn’t want to play.  I was dead set against buying it and was going to stubbornly continue playing Battlefield 4.  So, what about the latest beta? Continue reading

My increasing skepticism about The Order: 1886

Photo from: Playstation

When I first saw The Order it reminded me in a vague way of a game I played growing up called Nightmare Creatures.  The first E3 trailer teased some interesting things: This was going to be the first console effort for Ready at Dawn studios; it featured what appeared to be 4 person, squad-based shooter and it was going to be a PS4 exclusive. Early info was hazier than White Chapel fog, though eventually some gameplay videos circled the Internet showing a 3rd person cover based shooter; it started getting compared to games like Gears of War and since that is one of the only reasons I still power up a 360, I was certainly intrigued.  Further artwork releases and media campaigns developed a general aesthetic for the Order that was dark and mysterious.  I was excited about the potential of playing through an alternate Victorian London, the symbols and stories of the occult fused with Arthurian legend, cutting down nightmarish monsters with an array of steampunkish looking weapons and gadgetry.  Just typing that last sentence almost rekindles my interest in the game.

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