The Walking Dead: What Happened and What’s Going On.

Photo from: IGN

An apt title for an episode that grounded us in past tragedies, confronted the viewer with the meaning of many deaths on the show and also firmly planted the idea that tragedy is everywhere, ongoing, oppressive and that willpower, perseverance and a strong moral compass are the essential survival tools in this world.  When the show opens, viewers are immediately confronted with the loss of Beth as a montage of the group laying dirt on a coffin is spliced with images of a perilous journey.  Noah explains that the plan for him and Beth was to travel to Noah’s old group, hoping for the best.  Without many options the group decides it’s worth the risk.  The opening sequence ends with Mika and Lizzie, covered in blood, saying “It’s better now” and then blood oozes from an unknown source onto an idyllic portrait of a cabin in the woods.  Although the show likes to deviate from the comics when it wants to, there were some serious hints at future episodes filled with death.  Yes, death is coming.  Spoilers after the jump. Continue reading