Pandora’s Station: Counter Spy Review

Developed by Dynamighty, CounterSpy is one of those short but entertaining “Don’t talk to me or else I’ll die!” games. It was made free to download on PlayStation Vita for PS Plus members this month, otherwise it is regularly $14.99. The game is set during the Cold War and has neat little historical facts about nuclear and space programs added to the load screens. The player can really see the influence from Creative Director Mark Holmes who use to work at Pixar. The graphics are bold, angular and aggressive, fitting for a spy game. Music is full of that smooth 1950’s swagger that would fit any scene in a James Bond movie. Continue reading



Photo from: Alientrap

The most immediately striking feature of Apotheon is the art design; the richly colored 2d levels appear as if the game took place on an Amphora, or Greek pot. The game displays characters and in-world items silhouetted against beautifully patterned and shaded backgrounds. Developed by Alientrap Games for Steam and PS4, February saw the PlayStation Plus service add Apotheon to its line up of monthly free games. The atmospheric elements of the game have a wonderful and simple geometric nature about them: Smoke puffs in concentric circles and hit indicators are dizzying squared spirals.  The story is steeped in Greek mythology and as the main character Nikandreos you are tasked with fighting the Gods and restoring their gifts of bounty to the Earth.  Yes, this game plays as a kind of curious offspring between Patapon and God of War. Continue reading

Pandora’s Station: Kick and Fennick Review

I downloaded Kick and Fennick solely because it was free for PlayStation Plus members to download (February deal). The trailer makes this game look amazing but here’s the plot summary: A boy wakes up in a brightly colored electronic dystopia with well maintained facilities, despite an overflow of plant life, and it takes 45 seemingly similar levels to get his robot friend a battery. That’s it! That’s the game! Continue reading

Pandora’s Station: Rogue Legacy Review

Pandora’s Station is where I, Pandora_Layn, will be reviewing Vita games that are available for free download for PlayStation Plus members. Instead of an arbitrary points system, I will validate the games I review by their value to the space on my memory card with a “Keep!” or “Delete!” the download. Check out my gamer profile for a better idea of the types of games I like to play.

My original intention was to wait a week before putting out a review for this game after it became available as a free download for PlayStation Plus members. Then, I literally could not put the game down so I’ve had way more hours of gameplay than I intended.
So, this is a…


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